• Wuyuan International Yacht Club is a professional organization with the highest yacht management certificate in Fujian Province. Following years of honing its management experience, Wuyuan International Yacht Club has improved its management equipment, organized a professional management team, and developed its technology. With our intensive yacht maintenance, your yacht is under 100% care around the clock.

    1. Machine Daily Maintenance
    2. Hull Cleaning
    3. Maritime Frontier Defense Report of Yacht Sailing
    4. Conducting Yacht Certificates
    5. Checking Top and Bottom Ranks Each Year
    6. Filter Examining and Cleaning
    7. Fuel Inspection
    8. Engine Oil Inspection
    9. Storage Buttery Examination
    10. Belt Tension Inspection
    11. Surface Cleaning of Power Component
    1. Contact:Mr.Li
    2. Tel:+86-592-5571855

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