Yacht sales

  • Service Team

    The service team is composed of many senior maintenance persons with rich experience and all servicemen are trained with professional technology training with a view to ensuring that the latest technologies are mastered. Up-to-date special maintenance tools are equipped with the customer management system. Tracking services are provided based on customer's actual using conditions and equipment maintenance time requirements. And the customers are provided with the high-quality service, from the pre-maintenance notice and booking, followed by live monitoring during maintenance, and to post-maintenance follow-up services.

    Service Capabilities

    1. Fast-Responded SiteMaintenance
    2. Official Spare PartsSupply
    3. Failure Detection andSettlement
    4. ProfessionalMaintenance Devices
    5. Maintenance andManagement Service
    6. TechnicalConsultation
    1. Contact:Mr. Li
    2. Tel:0592-5571855

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