• Yacht Driving Training

    Wuyuan Bay Yacht Service Center has various qualifications including yacht training, national certificate issuing and yacht management. Becoming a voyager is no longer just a dream.

    1. Training Period:9 days (Each Saturday and Sunday)
    2. Certificate Grade:Applicable To the Countrywide Yacht and Sailing Boat Under 20 Metres
    3. Training Yacht:42 Feet Llano Yacht, 33 Feet Feihu Sailing Boat
  • OP Sail Boat Summer Camp

    The natural yacht harbour of Wuyuan Bay is an outstanding setting for water-sports. OP-level sail boat is the only sailing project for young people (8 to 16 years old) among a variety of sail boat sporting events. It is a multiple-intelligence water sport - not only can it bring the young budding sailors a lot of fun and good times, but can also cultivate their ability of autonomous and independent thinking from the manipulation of the sail boat. The OP Sail Boat Summer Camp set up by Wuyuan Bay International Yacht Club will bring your children a brand new experience.

  • Contact:Mr. Li
  • Tel:0592-5571855

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