• Currently, the wedding celebration industry is becoming more and more frequently connected with yachting facilities. Wedding ceremonies on yachts and wedding photos on yachts are becoming the new favorite for new elite couples. Wuyuan Yacht Harbor is not only a place with picturesque scenery but also a gathering place for yachts with a variety of famous brands. Its unique scenery attracts many wedding photography companies nationwide coming to photograph the seascape,yacht wedding photos and to hold high-end yacht weddings. Wuyuan Yacht Harbor is gradually becoming the premiere wedding photographing base in Xiamen.As the developer and operator of Wuyuan Yacht Harbor, Xiamen Road & Bridge Development Co. Ltd. has abundant resources of ports and marina networking facilities.

    Through years of experience in ports operation and yacht exhibition operations, it has formed a good partnership with many yacht brands. cooperating with wedding celebration companies, has become familiar with the wedding industry, and thus has established a solid foundation for building a first-class wedding photographing platform.

  1. With elegant and private environment and complete networking facilities, our facilities are suitable for all kinds of business reception.
  2. Yacht is now recognized as an important type of event for high-end groups proceeding through business negotiations.
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