Various yachts can be rented from our clubhouse, ranging from 40ft to 78ft in length. And a total of 10 leasing yachts come respectively from different countries such as China, Italy, America, and Great Britain. Main business items include: leisure touring, business negotiation, all kinds of small meetings & receptions, sea fishing, business packages, buffet and receptions, birthday parties on a private island, photographing the seascape, and personal portraits. All items can be customized, and customers can have a perfect yacht experience on-demand.

Sea Touring

Scheme A

Route:Enjoying the Yacht next to the sea– Watching Jinmen¬---the Blood Relatives

Activities:Wuyuan Bay – Closely Watching Jinmen – Dophin Viewing Inside Wuyuan Bay – Wuyuan Bay (Round-Trip Time About 1 Hour)

Scheme B

Route:Recalling Eventful Times – Dadan Island, Three Principles of the People, Unify China

Activities:Wuyuan Bay – Closely Watching Dadan Island – Dophin Viewing Inside Wuyuan Bay – Wuyuan Bay (Traveling Back After Tourists Take Their Photos in Front of “Three Principles of the People, Unify China” Sign. Round-Trip About 2 Hours)

Scheme C

Route:Hometown of Heroes, Battlefield Style – Enjoying the Interest Points of Xiaodeng Island

Activities:Wuyuan Bay – Three Islands of Heroes (Xiaodeng Island) –Wuyuan Bay (Round-Trip Time Is About 2 Hour)Touring Routes And Activities on Xiaodeng Island May Be Arranged;Price requires further negotiation.

Scheme D

Route:Appreciating the Beautiful Zhangzhou Mangrove Forest by Yacht

Activities:Wuyuan Bay – Jinmen – Dadan Island – Zhangzhou Mangrove Forest – Wuyuan Bay (Round-Trip Time 4 Hours)

Scheme E

Route:Natural Masterpiece:arounds – Zhangpu Volcano Geopark (This Scheme Is Limited By Strict Weather And Hydrologic Conditions Requirements, and Can Be Completed Only Under Good Weather And Hydrologic Conditions)

Activities:Wuyuan Bay –Zhangpu Volcano Geopark – Wuyuan Bay (Round-Trip Time:around6 Hours)

Yacht Personnel and Facilities:1 Captain, 1 Sailor, and 1 Waiter. Drinks, Mineral Water, 2 (Big) Plates of Fruit, Seasick Pills, 2 Sets of Fishing Tools, And 2 Telescopes.

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