Magnificent Marina, Magnificent Prospects
Wuyuan Bay International Yacht Club has a comprehensive array of yacht equipment and business facilities, and also provides its customers concierge services to meet their different needs. In the wondrous setting of Xiamen Marina, Wuyuan Bay International Yacht Club has 351 berths, 2 lifting berths and 1 dedicated refueling berth, and is equipped with a crane, sewage system and other professional facilities. The ancillary equipment also includes yacht and sail boat showroom and yacht bonded warehouse. With the natural harbor and environmental advantages of Wuyuan Bay, the club holds OP sail boat summer campsand sail boat experiencing activities, and provides yacht training, yacht management, yacht maintenance, yacht sales, yacht wedding planning and other services. Committed to building the premier high-end yacht club in Southern China, Wuyuan Bay International Yacht Club has 3,000 square meters of high-end clubs, provides elite yacht and island activities and various high-end business gatherings for its members, serving as a superior business communication platform for government and business clients alike. Xiamen Marina is Xiamen's firstprofessional marina for foreign boat berthing, and the club has professionals on board to provide convenient customs clearanceservices for the customers.

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