[Go ahead! There is no sad man on the sea.] “Wuyuan Bay No.1”Out to Sea

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Perhaps, the most wonderful thing in summerhappens on the beach. Wuyuan Bay International Yacht Club wholeheartedlysponsored the filming of “Observing Xiamen on the sea“ a TV special designed by Best of Xiamen Program of XMTV-6, by offering thebright star of Wuyuan Bay - SESSA FLY54, a golden luxurious yacht imported from Italy. 

SESSA,a famous Italian yacht brand, is known as“Maserati on the Sea” for its fashionable and dynamic external appearance aswell as exquisite and luxury interior. SESSA FLY54, the customized yacht ofWuyuan Bay International Yacht Club, is named “Wuyuan Bay No.1” because it hasa golden exterior, the unique color of Wuyuan Bay.

There is no sad man on the sea. 

After a simple and quick check-in, ten of useagerly boarded “Wuyuan Bay No.1” which gracefully came across Wuyuan Bridgeand then galloped on the sea. Everybody cheered loudly and excitedly, leavingall their annoyances to the seashore. 

There is no sad man on the sea. Everybody’seyes sparkled with confidence and optimism. The waves sound like a pace ofpositive energy that can disperse all trivia. 

Drifting along the waves 

As the poem “sailing a small boat to spendthe rest of life on the sea” indicates, Su Dongpo’s dream should be getting asmall boat, bringing with him good wine and braised Dongpo Pork, and sailingwith wind to a bay where he could feel free to write the “chicken soup” forthose who want to enjoy life. 

As TheBook of Changes puts it, “the benefit of boat lies in that it can help wadeacross impassable rivers and seas”. However, it can also help remove the blockin our mind. If you can not work out a script even after you have stayed uplate, you can spend two days on the sea to relax, and then you may get it. 

The above words may be a bit exaggerated;however, just browse the statements in the circles of friends of the sametrade, you can feel that plowing the ocean is really a kind of loftysentiments. After all, a sailboard can travel miles from the seashore, a kitecan soar to the sky. Why not sitting on the deck of the prow to sail along thewaves?

Yacht mania! Really crazy!

It came to me that I asked a foreign yachtdealer a simple question - What’s fun in yacht? He smiled and said: “We canexplain yacht lifestyle in many ways. The lifestyle means self-support, traceof freedom, defense of private space, or spiritual expectation. Of course, allof these are based on the pursuit of pleasure. I think pleasure-seeking is theessence of yacht lifestyle, just like air for us.”

While you are making a PPT, a dolphin mayleap out of the water; while you are reading a statement, voyagers are bravingthe winds and waves. Sitting on the bow, sailing at a speed of 30 knots, youcan enjoy the gorgeous waves left by the yacht. My dear, this is a road thatyou can never step in high-heel shoes, this is the air that you can never smellwhen you are wearing perfume, and this is the place that you can never arriveat by taking a BMW…


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