[The Releasing of Azimut Dragon 66 Made a Great Coup] Global First Show of Azimut Dragon 66 Successfully Held in Xiamen!

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Azimut Dragon series announced at 2013 China(Xiamen)International Boat Show finally ushered in its global first show.Designed with the combination of Chinese deposits and Italian advanced ideas,Azimut Dragon 66 lifted its mysterious veil at Xiamen Marina on August8.The grand release conference and the resplendent banquet greatly boosted the releasing of Azimut Dragon 66 to make a great coup. The release conference was star-studded and unprecedentedly grand.

Mr.Luppi,the Global CEO of Azimut Benetti Group,gave the first speech at the release conference,in which he expressed his attention to Chinese market:We will witness the combination of technology and design as well as the integration of Chinese deposits and ltalian design.

Mr.Zheng Chang,the Deputy General Manager of R&B Marina,said that as the sole agent of Azimut Yachts in Fujian,the releasing of Azimut Dragon 66 in Xiamen was the result of favorable objective and subjective factors.In the future,Xiamen R&B Marina Co.,Ltd.will conduct win-win cooperation with Xiamen V-Win M arine Co.,Ltd.,with a view to becoming the strongest in the yacht market of Xiamen and even Fujian by virtue of excellent sales performance,strong technical support and distinguished after-sales service.

With the gradually unveiling of the red curtain,the majestic Azimut Dragon 66 presented itself to the audiences with a pleasant surprise.Since the number of Azimut yachts in Fujian had already reached to 13,the"First Owner"of Azimut Dragon 66 was much-anticipated.

Mr.Pan Xiaohe,the Principal of Azimut Project of R&B Marina,extende his respect for the attention of Azimut Yachts to Chinese market,and expressed the R&B Marina would make the most of its resource advantages and expand its brand effect to have greater influence on China's yacht industry chain. 

Mr.Jiang Zhiyong,the General Manager of R&B Marina,gave a welcoming speech at the grand Azimut banquet held in Le Méridien Xiamen at 6pm,and expressed his sincere gratitude for the concern and support from the leaders,guests,ship-owners and media present at this release conference.He explained the sprouting,fostering,thriving and prospect of yacht lifestyle in China in a simple but profound way and wished the global release conference of Azimut Dragon 66 a complete success.

Ms.Lv Hong,the Chairwman of Xiamen V-Win Marine Co.,Ltd.,also expressed her sincere respect to the important guests present at the release conference,including the presidents of various famous groups and multiple distingguished Azimut ship-owners in the Greater China Region,and her great confidence about the operation of Azimut Yachts in Fujian market in the future.

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