Unparalleled “Island Boat Show” ---Grand Launching of Booth Offering for China (Xiamen) International Boat Show 2014

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China (Xiamen) International Boat Show 2014 will beheld at Xiamen Marina between 7th and 10th November. Inthe coming days, exhibition and investment attraction is to be launched.According to Xiamen R&B Marina Co., Ltd., the organizer of this show, forthe purpose of enhancing the quality of the exhibition and allowing the boatshow to be closer to the sea, the onshore exhibition will be moved to WuyuanMusic Islet, making it the domestically unparalleled “Island Boat Show”.


Music Islet ---Witness of Wuyuan BayDevelopment

Wuyuan Music Islet isan isolated small island in Wuyuan Bay which covers an areaof around 63,400 square meters. An approach bridge connects it with XiamenMarina. With green trees standing luxuriantly in the islet, you can look outtoward the rippling bay and have the view of the five bridges of Xiamen crossing each otherin the distance and the beach, mangrove forest, wooden trestle, reed marshes,rare birds and the noble black swan……All these make it an elegant and cultured placeof interest.

While guaranteeing thestandards of natural condition and hardware facilities, the organizer’s choiceof Wuyuan Music Islet puts the geographical advantages of the island city andthe interactive feature between land and water of this show into full play. Andto suit and satisfy the need of the brand owners and the audience, theorganizer reveals that a series of original activities will be arranged forcitizens to lend more attention to the cultivation of boat culture with thepremise of an exquisite and noble quality just like the preceding shows. In theshow, the citizens will be able to find themselves closer to the island, thesea and the boats.


To show, to serve

Naturally, a goodexhibiting environment is one of the common pursuits of boat exhibitors fromboth home and abroad. The show this year has a total exhibition area of 50,000square meters, with 20,000 square meters for onshore exhibition (high-endliving facilities show area included) and 30,000 square meters for offshoreexhibition. The organizer introduces that the exhibition service will encompassexhibitor service, audience service, media service and sponsor service. Withthe gradual expansion of the scale of the show, the orderly organization of thecomprehensive supporting facilities will as always be a strict requirementduring the execution of the event.

As China (Xiamen)International Boat Show becomes an influential platform in Asia for boat tradeand promotion, the show of this year will continue to build itself into a moreefficient and elaborate communication channel for brands, target clients, mediaand distributors, so that the international brands can more precisely find outthe entrance to Chinese market, the domestic brands can more smoothly determineon the way to go overseas, the target clients and navigation lovers can gettheir desirable products, the boat culture in China is finally cultivated and thedevelopment of the boat industry is promoted.


A different stage, more brilliantsplendor

China (Xiamen) International Boat Show has seengreat achievements in the previous events. It is now one of the three domesticboat shows, the largest offshore exhibition in China,the second show in China andthe sixth in Asia that ascends into theInternational Federation of Boat Show Organizers (IFBSO). The show of this yearwill also increase the proportion of overseas exhibitors and attract moreoverseas exhibition groups on the basis of Italian exhibition group and Frenchexhibition group of last year. Moreover, it will be dedicated to inviting highnet-worth elites from all parts of the country to form a VIP buyer team.Preferably, the exhibitors will witness substantial improvement in theirinvestment scale, brand efficiency and exhibition effect.

Meanwhile, this showwill shoulder a sense of mission for China’s boat industry which isstill young. Included in the agenda of the show this year are how to enhanceproduct quality, how to better after-sales service, how to improve thetraditional boat type and manufacturing techniques in China, even how toimprove ocean environment and develop marine tourism and how to cultivate theinterest and confidence in water activities among those who have potential needfor water leisure. The organizer will hold more practical and effectiveindustry exchanges, exhibitor promotions and summit forums to stimulate theoutsiders’ interests and increase the insiders’ confidence, thus building China (Xiamen)International Boat Show 2014 into a sophisticated industrial event involvingthe whole industry chain.


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