Wuyuan Bay International Yacht Club Successfully Held No-Tobacco Day Public Benefit Activity in Wuyuan Bay

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     May 31, 2014 is the 27th  “World No-Tobacco Day”. In order to further build the favorable environment in Wuyuan Bay as well as promote the citizens’ awareness to participate in smoking control, Wuyuan Bay International Yacht Club launched a large-scale No-Tobacco Day public benefit activity at the entrance of Xiamen Marina. Such activity has gained strong support from Community Health Service Center of Heshan Subdistrict subordinate to Xiamen Hospital of T.C.M., and three experienced doctors from which have been dispatched to conduct on-site free clinic and health consultation.

     By virtue of sufficient publicity at the preparation stage, a large number of citizens living nearby and staff of the marina arrived at the site of activity on time. The volunteers handed out smoking cessation signboards and the participators all signed their names on the signing board as a memento.

     Since Xiamen Marina is a well-known wedding photography base themed with yacht in Fujian Province, there were a great many of couples came here to take their wedding photos on that day. After knowing it was a theme activity of No-Tobacco Day, they also actively took part in and left their words on the message board for commemoration purpose.

     Many passers-by put out their cigarettes the second they knew it was No-Tobacco Day activity and actively participated in physical examination. In addition to reasonable advice for quitting smoking, the doctors for free clinic gave some suggestions about healthy diet for some participators with blood pressure disorders. Mr. Wu, one of the participators, indicated that he had been smoking for more than 20 years and quitted smoking immediately after he felt uncomfortable with his throat without the help of any substitute, which was a big shock to anyone at the site.

     Ms. Chen, another participator, complained that there was something wrong with her respiratory tract and such uncivilized phenomenon as smoking in public places has bothered her a lot, as thus, she strongly supported this No-Tobacco Day activity organized by the Property Management Department of Xiamen Marina. Furthermore, the doctors also felt distressed and expressed that the smokers had been younger and younger. In this regard, the theme of World No-Tobacco Day this year is “Increase tobacco taxes to protect the next generation”, appealing to adult smokers for quitting smoking so as to create a tobacco-free environment and set a good example for teenagers with earnest practice.

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