• Bulter Service Team

    Has Wuyuan International Yacht Club is aiming to be the premier high-end yacht club in China, for which it put together an elite service team consisting of respected management figures. It inherits the management concepts and style of top private clubs worldwide to built a high-end business communication platform.This comes to life in the form of services such as acustomized bulter service, world-class competitions, best sailing routes, island touring, business & leisure parties, etc. Our team strive to ensure plain sailing for our clients in every aspect of our service.

  • Technical Team of Yacht Service

    As China’s first professional institute-certified with yacht management aptitude and first batch of organizations approved for yacht training, Wuyuan International Yacht Clubboasts years of experience with managingequipment and training facilities, and has honed its skills in integrated services such as berth leasing, yacht selling, yacht driving training, yacht maintenance, etc. Our professional management team will release you from the travails of the post-purchasing process and ensure your yacht receives100% from start to finish.

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